Pilates and Physio Rehab Sessions

Why should I do Pilates?

Pilates is a great form of exercise for pregnant and postnatal populations because it is low impact and has great focus on strength, control and mobility, all 3 of which are adversely affected by carrying and delivering a baby!  It is a safe exercise to start at any point in pregnancy (with consent from your GP or obstetrician) and 6-10 weeks after birth- we have to give our bodies a chance to rest and get our heads around life with a newborn after all!  

What are physio rehab sessions? 

Due to recent changes in private health insurance, pilates sessions are longer eligible for rebates.  We have now introduced rehab sessions where you can work on rehabilitation for issues specific to you with a tailored program, this may be for progressive abdominal retraining after ab separation, some pelvic stability work post pregnancy and delivery or a conditioning program for getting back into exercise.  These sessions will likely include some pilates informed exercises and all will include reformer based strengthening exercises.

What do assessments involve?

Assessments involve evaluation of your spinal mobility, alignment, ‘core strength’ and correct activation of the deep core.  We will look at functional movements such as squats and single leg squats to see how your body is moving and which systems may require a little more work.  We also like to have a thorough chat around your goals. Whilst we will have physio goals from evaluating your movements, we need to make sure we work on things that are important and relevant to you.  We  will start a few exercises in the first session to give you something to practice at home.  The second session typically involves setting up specific exercises for you and going through the full program before you go into a 1:2 class. This allows for specificity and feedback to ensure we are getting it right.

How do classes work?

After the first 1 or 2 sessions to assess you and set your program up, you have the option of continuing 1:1 classes or sharing with one other in ‘duet’ sessions - this is where one physio has two clients.  You essentially work away on your own program with feedback from the instructor on technique and progressions as able, with hands on therapy as needed.

Can I bring my baby?

Yes!  Generally you will get more out of the session if you come alone (time to concentrate and some mummy down-time to refresh!) but you are more that welcome to bring your bub until they are crawling.  We will try to incorporate them into exercises with you to make the sessions better for you both.  Once they are crawling there may be the option to continue to bring them which will be determined on a case by case basis, we need to keep safety our number one priority. 

Why do Pilates or rehab sessions with us?

Lynne completed Pilates training in both Matwork and Equipment with the prestigious Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and has now gone on to present courses for them.  This involves teaching other Physiotherapists how to teach Pilates which keeps her fresh and up to date with current research in the area.  Lynne has done additional training in pre and postnatal rehab and is really passionate about working with this population.

We only have a maximum of two in our rehab sessions to keep supervision and quality of our sessions up.  This also allows us to bill under a health code for physio rehab sessions that usually attracts a higher rebate than sessions with 3 or 4 people.  Pilates sessions are no longer eligible for private health rebates.

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