Postnatal 'check up'

A ‘Mummy check up’ is recommended after pregnancy.  We will assess and provide treatment for any existing issues and prevent any from occurring as you enter into life as a mother.  We will also take into consideration your previous activity level and what activity you wish to get back to.  The rehab you will need could range from the demands of caring for your baby to return to running and high level exercise. 

A pelvic floor consultation is a good idea (more information under Pelvic Floor tab) and can be done after you stop bleeding and have had your initial check with your GP or obstetrician.  

It is never too late- once postnatal, always postnatal from a pelvic floor perspective! 

Scar Management

Scar management can be useful for C-Section and Episiotomy scars.  This usually involves some hands-on treatment and education and some techniques for you to do at home.

Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation)

Many women will also experience abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) which is very normal during pregnancy.  Sometimes however, natural healing of this issue is not forthcoming and can lead to back and pelvic floor issues.  A Physiotherapy assessment can identify the extent of a separation and provide a rehabilitation program. Some ladies will only need a quick check and some advice if things are healing well and some may require a little more rehab, specifically progressive retraining of the abdominals.  This can be done via home program, physio sessions or in Pilates or physio rehab sessions.

Why Choose Us?

Our physios are specifically trained in postnatal conditions, diastasis recti assessment and management and Pilates in the post natal population.